Day 23 – Khon Kaen

The plan was to get a night train to Ayutthaya. Nick picks me up on his motorbike and we go to buy the ticket but the train is full. we meet a NZ guy who is struggling to get help: he has lost his passport and wallet on a train. We try to help the station master understand the situation. I think he just appreciates the fact that he is not alone here!

Plan B is a bus to  Ayutthaya, but they are also booked. We to and fro across town, then settle on the fact that I cant get to  Ayutthaya. I decide to stay at Nick’s place and leave the following day. The day is a bit of a failure for other reasons as it is a holiday and most places are closed. I have the address of a veggie restauarant but….yes, closed. Nick cooks some veg in his room which is about 20 minutes from town, past the university in a sleepy suburb. It’s really hot and he sleeps while I internet. We get out at 5pm and the sun suddenly sets before we get to our destination, which is a large lake called Beung Khon Kaen next to a couple of big temples. And more dinosaur statues. We take a stroll, then have a lot of fun playing ping-pong under a strip-light in the park (I lose 6-3).

Dinner is a bit of a disaster. It starts in an Italian restaurant, which is expensive, then after deciding on a pizza, we are told they have stopped serving them…. We decamp over the road to a Thai place, with a cow-boy-hatted busker barely able to play guitar serenading customers. The food is poor. My rice arrives with the waitress’s finger in it. My veg is over-cooked and soggy. It puts me in a dreary mood. I love Thai food and this is some of the worst food I’ve ever had. Sticky red vinyl table cloth, Xmas tree and shrine, and bill is way too much for that crap…..

A pineapple shake soothes my tastebuds and we sit at the shrine square again.


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