Day 32 – Melaka

This was to have been my last day, but actually it was just my last day with Cyrus. It’s a slow day with breakfast and cendol and souvenir hunting. We don’t buy anything beyond a massage comb which we try out later, leaving red lines on our backs! We planned to have lunch at Simple Life again, and excitedly walk the 20 minutes there only to find it closed….

I remember seeing an ad for a similar place nearby, but after a frustrating walk up and down the main drag looking for Melaka Raya 8, and discovering no numbering system in evidence, ask for help in a hotel, who even give me a map. It’s still no good, but we do find a pretty standard Chinese veggie buffet place…which is fine.

We have an emotional hour or so together before Cyrus’s departure. I go with him on the local bus to Melaka Sentral as I also need to buy my new ticket to Singapore. The bus takes us out of town in the wrong direction, turns around, goes out the other way then heads to the station, all in all taking around 45 minutes, for a journey I do in a taxi in 10 minutes the next day. The bus is crowded and most of the seats are broken.

Our goodbyes are made and we are both on our own again.

On getting back into town I wander around at dusk and visit the area of town near Discovery.

There is a small Chinese market where I have a cold drink, then hunt down an Indian restaurant. I find a very local one which is closing soon. No tourists inside, rough but friendly and the matriarch with her grey/blonde hair and red-dotted forehead rolling balls of sweetmeat. I want a masala dhosa, and to my joy they have this, and it turns out to be the best I’ve ever had with lashings of dhal for dipping. It costs about 30p!!!!! I spend a couple of hours updating my blog, then stroll back to China town.

I sit up with Robert and some other local hotel workers talking about racism, Top Gear and Mind Your Language. Amazing the TV shows they will watch here.

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