Christmas Eve

Nobody is reading this so I’m not going to say merry Christmas! Back at the coco restaurant we have school kids on 45 singing jingle bells etc etc. the Thais come round with basket of cards for each and all of us faring s,. Mine has Buddhist images on it. I guess I have to write it to myself. I also have a voice from a basket of gifts and opt for a little elephant decorated purse. I’m sure I can find a use for it.

The afternoon after the restaurant involved a stroll along the beach. I saw a couple of my football friends. Strange how smart they can look in their white pressed shirt, smart tan shorts and long socks. There are younger kids flying brightly coloured kites in the wind. The tide is very low, and I’m able to walk around the village and back towards the resort. The low tide reveals stumpy reeds and sand crabs. Stumps of whitened worm ridden trees, slanted orange slathers of rock. Amazing photogenic landscape. I rock some more in the hammock ver a beer then hunger draws me back here to the coco restaurant. Time to leave I think.

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