This is day 4

Day 4

Wake up and unsure what to do. After chatting to another French couple I’m swayed to go to phi mai, a few hours north of here. The bus is a local one and there are hawkers selling some barbecued skewered animal on the bus.

It has just struck me how I saw none of the ubiquitous monks in buriram province.

Bus to khorat. It’s actually raining on arrival, but it’s sticky rain that doesn’t leave you wet. I’m on some fairground attraction of a bus with chrome backed seats and chrome lined ceiling, wooden floor and ceiling mounted green, red, blue lights that I bloody hope don’t start flashing


Actually maybe the decor is more cheap nightclub. I get cruised in the toilet at khorat bus station. For heaven’s sake! The conductor is blinded up, skinny guy with flat cap, white towel round his neck, like a boxer, looks like a hustler. He offs me chewing gum. His information about bus times is as confused as my memory of Thai numbers. When asked how long the trip to phi mai is he says 6 hours, which then becomes 2 when I show him how many fingers.

It’s a local bus, more and more hawkers jumping on and off, bus fills up with tired students going home.


Pimai feels small, safe, friendly. I’m 1 minute from the khmaer temple. No hurry to explore. Welcoming young girl noan,who majored in English…lots of tattoos and very in-Thai. Her mum fixes me an out of hours pad Thai.



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