I’m in an optician in sukhothai to get my stupid glasses straightened…..£100 they cost me and they have as much strength as a soggy biscuit.

The optician is all super clean and professional with 5 glamorous lilac suited assistants who naturally speak next to no English. One of them produces google translate to negotiate with me. The key phrases are that the glasses may break and the shop will not be responsible. So I wait while they do their best and a farmer type with nasty sores and scars on his legs tries on specs, his family in attendance.

Lo and behold the the frames have broken, the lenses fallen out. They kindly offer me some replacement frames, but I don’t want to make an impulse buy of £45 on specs right now. I graciously thank them for their efforts and depart. It’s actually hot today. Cloudy blue sky. Sunlight.


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