Mae sot food project part 2

I really did get my shoulders and neck sunburnt, so I return to my guesthouse to recuperate.

I’m very keen toget back to the food project to witness what happens when the food finally is given out. As I cycle back into town I sense that they have started the distribution as I notice women in colourful dresses and small kids carrying the white sack that were stacked on the platform at the temple. The atmosphere back there has increased from hot patience to excitement, relief and joy. Groups of women, men and kids are clustered round their sacks, or are fixing them onto bikes, or balancing them on their heads and teetering home.i can sense their happiness. Their wait is over. But some are still waiting and thrusting their yellow and red tickets at the guards at the gates around the food platform. There is some marshalling system going on, people being called forward to enter on the left skirt down the side of the platform, around the front and up the right hand side where they hand over their ticket and receive with joy their sack, and exit back onto the road on he right hand side. A this gate their family are waiting anxiously. There is also a group of less fortunates without tickets, sitting in a square, rather squatting, and being carefully watched. They are hoping they will be offered the left over sacks. There is a woman calling people forward over a tangly, the Chinese dancers/ actors have removed their face paint and are watching through a grill. A of duty ain’td worker is sitting in a big hall in the door of his tent eating a bowl of rice. The aid workers are still very cautious to avoid a riot, which happened a few years ago, the marshals look tired. The lucky Burmese are so happy. A be-helmeted traffic cop with sunglasses and a whistle marshals the traffic in front of Canada bar to let the hoarders cross and head home.. I wonder what they will have for dinner….


For dinner I go to ban fern and have a taro basket filled with stir fried tofu and cashews. I wasn’t quite sure how to eat it. It was quite sticky, maybe too much soy sauce. The accompanying pineapple- mint shake was heaven.


I hope my sleep will be better than last night. I have changed rooms. Last night a whole raft of factors caused me an unhappy night. Ther room had an upper window which couldn’t be covered and that let in light from my neighbour. The outside terrace was full of people, mainly Germans, talking and even after closing the windows- which I didn’t want to do- I could still hear them. My neighbour then made a Skype call. Not lousy but the walls are thin…then. When all his had ended there was a low sub bass booming from across the yard. In the end I gave up trying to sleep and decided to get dressed and go for a walk. It was then 12. 30. The guesthouse was silent. I had to unlock the 2 external gates to get out. Around the corner is a place called smile bar. Unusual for Thailand…a bar full of teenagers playing pool and drinking. I walked up the road but nothing was open. A dog followed me, then barked, then the whole neighbourhood canine population began to join in and several more followed me. Better back in bed I thought.i probably got to sleep an hour later. my new room is at the rear, and has no extra window. Also the pillow is less like a bolster. Fingers crossed for a better slumber.



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