People you meet

Rod is Australian. An ex police marksman, has a ranch, has a thai wife who lived in Sweden before. Here for a school reunion. Some People just talk and assume you accept their points of view. Well he has some rather extreme comments about Muslims and how Australians are arming themselves to protect themselves. He tells me how he ans sam,the owner of my guest house are good friends. Sam turns out to be a Mr big. He has a string of guesthouses, considerable land and breeds cattle. Rod tells me that he also has a number of guns and wears body armour when he's on his land as there is a lot of rustling.

When you travel you come across and spend time with people who wouldn't even give you the time of day back home. I guess being away and in Asia is a leveller. This is one of the things I like the most about travelling. I learn a lot about the world from who I meet.


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