Hong Kong day 21&22

Yesterday was a day of wandering alone. It rained most of the day. I took the tram to its terminus in shau kei wan and explored the market. Rain blowing through the window at the front of the tram heading west again. Kids in all white uniforms leaving school. Late lunch of wonton soup in veg 6 which feels quite upmarket. Afternoon in wan chai, more market, pal Tai temple and watching football on a flooded bright green pitch.

Meet Kk at 5.45 at tsim Sha tsai. He’s had a hair cut and is very tired from working a 36 shift. We watch dusk from the star gallery and he gives me a gift from his grandfather’s coin collection. One from the time of emperor kanxi (300 years old), the other from the grandson’s era. What a nice sentimental and historical gift.

We meet tom for an Indian dinner at woodlands restaurant. Food isn’t bad. Tom talks a lot about politics. I’m tired and don’t take it all in.

Today is my last day. Kk is working so he’s going to meet me st the airport for a farewell dinner. I’ve spent the day revisiting a few areas, including central and soho. I had lunch at an overpriced health food cafe, then went back to the incense heavy air of man mo temple. Everything is more pricey, more international and faster here. This is the business zone. I browse the antique stalls near the temple and buy myself a souvenir and a gift for Kk. In case he’s reading I won’t divulge the details yet. I’m in a strange head space. Not excited about going back. Feel there is more to explore here. Feel like I’m leaving a part of me here.

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