Confucius temple

On a very rainy morning in Taipei to avoid a drenching I explore Confucianism. There are 6 noble arts and I witness a scholar repeatedly honing his calligraphy writing out greetings and wishes. I choose some poignant ones.

The second skill is chariot riding, (yu) and I sit in a little wooden one facing a video screen of the road ahead. I fail the 3 challenges in spearing boar, navigating a zhushuiqu (high speed waterway) and the guojubiao (slaloming between banners). Later on in hualien I realise these skills are essential for riding a scooter. I get it instinctively. Thunder crashes around and low flying passenger jets roar over as the approach the nearby airport. In a third chamber I learn the techniques of she, or archery, through the help of 3D specs and a video screen. I try my strength by pulling on a bow, but there is no opportunity to actually shoot. These skills are also useful in winning cuddly toys in hualien night market. Confucius lives on! I feel a little short changed as I don’t find anywhere to learn the remaining 3 skills: rites, music and arts.

I get a stamp to prove my competence of the skills I did try out.

As the rain hammers down I collect some analects, some more wisdom.

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